Quality Control in Civil Works

We have Quality Control services for infrastructure works, from Earthworks Control, Pavement materials, Hydraulic Concrete to Asphalt and Steel.

Always seeking to offer our customers an attention that exceeds expectations.

For Quality Control we offer the following services

  • Concrete Laboratory
  • Dirt Road Materials
  • Compaction (In – Place)
  • Asphaltic Layer
  • Materials Such as Steel, Blocks, Bricks
  • Core Extractions in Asphalt Layer and Hydraulic Concrete Slabs
  • Welding Inspection


Committed to Quality and Results

Concrete Laboratory

Within our reach as an accredited laboratory, we perform fresh concrete sampling, slump tests, cylindrical specimen preparation, curing of specimens in curing pool, preparation of specimens, heading of specimens and Compressive Strength test of specimens at specified ages.

Earthwork Materials

Our laboratory is equipped to perform tests such as sampling of earthwork materials, sample drying, sample quartering, determination of volumetric unit weight, preparation and making of samples for maximum dry weight determination, for compaction, Atterberg limits such as liquid limit, plastic limit, plastic index, grain size analysis, water content, determination of PH and CBR, offering reliability and safety in the delivery of results.

Compaction (In – Place)

Within our reach, we test the compaction by the sand cone method in the subgrade layer. We also test the hydraulic base layer compaction by the sand cone method and with an electric density gauge.


Asphaltic Layer

Our services include the sampling, laying temperature verification and emulsion sampling. We also perform laboratory quality tests of asphalt content in mixes, asphalt layer stability determination, loading test in emulsion, asphalt viscosity test, penetration test in asphalt, flash point in asphalt, grain size analysis of the aggregates, volumetric unit weight, stability, VAM vacuum and flow.

Materials Such as Steel Rebar and Masonry


We perform tensile strength tests, bending test, elastic limit determination, maximum loading stress, yield stress, elongation percentage, hardness determination and  geometry  verification in reinforcing steel rebar.


We tests materials such as blocks or bricks, performing compression strength test, water absorption, geometrical verification of the elements and pitching of the specimens.

Core Extractions in Asphalt Layer

We carry out  asphalt layer core extraction in different diameters to determine thickness, volumetric unit weight, asphalt content, grain size analysis, carbonation tests, compaction determination, simple compressive strength and elastic modulus.

Welding Inspection

In welding Quality Control we perform the visual inspection, penetrating liquids, magnetic particles, ultrasonic testing, x-rays and geometric dimensioning, according to the required technique, we perform the inspection at the work site, manufacturing workshop and technical advisory.

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