Quality Control for Plaza San Pedro Extension

Project: Quality Control for Plaza San Pedro Extension
Client: Arco Áreas Comerciales
Location: Mexicali, Baja California


 In the realization of the work Plaza San Pedro Extension, EPGC participated with the quality control in dirt materials, making the verification of the degree of compaction of the platforms, ditches, soil improvement and dirt, this by in-situ volumetric creeks with which the volumetric field weight was determined as its water content. Laboratory tests for the quality of bench materials used on site, where performed tests to obtain (granulometry, limits of consistency, linear shrinkage, CBR, sand equivalent). All this to verify that the materials comply with the requirements established in the project.

Quality control in concrete, performing the Determination of the slump of fresh concrete, the review of the temperature of fresh concrete, Obtaining resistance to compression and bending of concrete specimens.

Quality Control in reinforcing steel, performing the Determination of the geometry of the element, Obtaining the resistance to tension. (Measurement of elastic limit, maximum load, percentage of elongation,) and Verification of resistance to bending.

Quality Control in diverse materials in the particular case of this work, the material used for the masonry was Concrete Block and the verification of the geometry of the element and the Evaluation of the resistance of the material was carried out.


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