Soil Improvement (GEOPIER) for Calzada Life Building

Project: Soil Improvement (GEOPIER) for Calzada Life Building
Client: Hermosillo y Asociados
Location: Mexicali B.C.


This project of soil improvement, it was carried out through the GEOPIER system (GP3), which replaces the classic method of excavation and replacement, by placing 154 piles of rammed aggregate for the construction of a 5-level building that is part of Calzada Life project, located in the Golden Zone of Mexicali.


Geopier’s unique construction process employs vertical impact drilling and energy to build rammed aggregate piles. First a perforation is used according to the design specifications, usually from 2 to 9 m depth, in this case the depth varied between 2.70 and 3.15m, later aggregate is introduced in the perforation, in thin layers of approximately 30 cm Final thickness, the patented bevel hammer, tampers each layer of aggregate using vertical impact energy.


This pre-forces and pre-deforms the aggregate at the bottom of the cavity, that formes a bottom bulb, additional layers of aggregate are continuously placed and compacted until the end of the pile, the end result is an element of greater strength and rigidity.


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