Study for Terminal de Petrolíferos Baja Refinados

Project: Study of Geophysical Prospecting of Seismic and Electrical Methods – for the construction of the Terminal de Petrolíferos Baja Refinados (TBR)
Client: SENER
Location:Ensenada, B.C.


For the construction project of the Terminal de Petrolíferos Baja Refined (TBR), it is essential to carry out an integral study of geophysical and mechanical exploration of soils.

From this study, various parameters are obtained such as the seismic propagation velocities, the elastic and dynamic shear modules, the fundamental period of soil vibration, soil properties, as well as the soil resistivities for the calculation of the physical land system and geoelectrical properties of the strata that make up the shallow subsoil of the site.

To obtain the properties of the explored subsoil, were carried out Cross-hole test (CH), Spatial Autocorrelation (SPAC), Ambient Vibration (AV), Vertical Electrical Soundings (VES) in Wenner arrangement and Tomography lines.


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