Topography for the construction of transmission line SE

Project Name: Topography for the construction of transmission line SE, Sánchez Taboada Maneuvers – Valle de Puebla – SIC – Mexicali II
Client: CBrands
Location: Mexicali B.C.


This work was done with the purpose of locating the direction of the high voltage transmission line as well as the stakeout of 3 transmission towers and a truncated cone post to carry out soil mechanics studies in the area of ​​interest.

For the execution of the topographic work it was necessary to take as a baseline control points provided by CFE. Once the control points were located, it was started with the trace of the electric transmission line to later “mark” the precise position of the transmission towers as well as the truncated cone.

To carry out these activities, “total station” topographic equipment and minor tools were used.


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