Module test using the GEOPIER system (GP3).

Project Name: Module test for soil improvement project using the GEOPIER system (GP3).
Client: Hermosillo y Asociados
Location: Mexicali B.C.


In order to validate the Geopier design parameters in the Calzada Building project, a module test was carried out on a low element until it reached 150% of the maximum design effort (18.17 kips / 87.29 t / m²). The load was applied at the top of the compacted aggregate pile ensuring a reasonable level of confidence that supports the control of long-term settlements and concluding that the Geopier elements have adequate strength.


Conducting module tests beyond the limit state of the stress at the top of the element meets the requirements of the International Building Code (IBC).


The Geopier element was equipped with a control plate that served as a compression displacement sensor and increased understanding of stress transfer and deformation during the test.


The test records an accumulated deformation of 6.21 mm in the head and only 1.21 mm in the Geopier element.


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