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Professional services in Geotechnical and Concrete

We are specialists in the development of Geotechnical, Geological, Geophysical, Seismological, Topographic and Quality Control studies

Geotechnical Studies

Our knowledge in geotechnics engineering and in particular of the Soil Mechanics, has allowed us to implement the necessary techniques for the correct exploration of the subsoil and its subsequent geotechnical characterization in benefit of the most important infrastructure projects developed nationwide.

Pile Driving Services

We have at your disposal pile driving machinery for small steel sections and pile loading testing equipment for Photovoltaic Plants, Highways and Vineyards. We have the ability to drive sections type channel C, W, and Z, used for foundations.


Quality Control in Civil Works

We offer a Quality Control service for infrastructure works, from earthworks, pavements, hydraulic concrete, asphalt mixtures and steel. Always seeking providing our clients, an attention that exceeds the expectations of quality and expected services.

Soil Improvement and Deep Foundation

Soil improvement is to modify the characteristics of a soil by a physical action (vibrations for example) or by the inclusion in the soil of a mixture of soil with a more resistant material.


Topography Services

Our topography services they are to know the Planimetry (horizontal) and Altimetry (vertical) configuration of an area on the Earth’s surface

Geophysical Prospecting

Our studies of geophysical prospecting allow us to perform measurements indirectly of physical properties of soils and rocks.

Geological Surveying

Our service geological surveying allows us to obtain maps geological and risks, which represent the geological characteristics of the surface of the projects to study.

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