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Geological Surveying

Our Geological Survey service allows us to obtain the geological and risks cartography that represent the geological characteristics of the surface of the projects to be studied.

In Geological Survey we offer the following services:

  • Geological Surveying
  • Structural Geology
  • Identification of Geological Hazards


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Geological Surveying

In our geological surveys, we carry out a direct field inspection in field, both regional and in the place of interest. This geological survey provides extensive information of the area and the materials on site (lithology), it allows to know the general geological environment and details, identifying significant geological structures such as folds, faults, thrust faults, fractures (Structural Geology), geomorphology, current erosive processes and surface and underground drainage.

Structural Geology

In Structural Geology, we study the deformations occurring on the rocks that form the Earth’s crust. We analyze the geological structures such as: Primary geological structural planes (stratum strike and dip, magmatic flows, etc.) and secondary structures (faults, folds, fractures, joints etc.)

Identification of Geological Hazards

We offer the identification of Geological Risk which refer to catastrophes caused by natural phenomena which are divided into 3 groups: :

Originated directly by internal geological processes (volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis); Derived directly by the dynamics of external geological processes (floods and gravitational movements); and Anthropogenic risks, those caused by the interaction and modification by human beings.

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