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Topography Services

Our topographic services can provide the altimetric (vertical) and planimetric (horizontal) configuration of an area on the terrestrial surface.

In topographic services we carry out 3 types of surveys:

  • Planimetric and Altimetric Surveying
  • Topographical Surveying for Engineering Projects
  • Physical Infrastructure Surveying


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Planimetric and Altimetric Surveying:

This type of survey is executed when you want to know the location and vertical configuration of a property, road or land surface.

Topographical Surveying for Engineering Projects:


This work is carried out for the establishment of the start landmarks for engineering projects, especially related to infrastructures construction, required by engineers, architects and building contractors.

Physical Infrastructure Surveying


We carry them out when it is required to know in detail the location and existing infrastructure dimensions on a road, in a building or a community

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