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Quality Management - Elaboración de Estudios Geotecnicos, Mecánica de suelos

At EPGC we make a continue effort to maintain the highest quality standards

This is how we do it


EPGC, developed an internal manual that contains the field, laboratory and adminstrative procedures of our work processes according to NMX, ASTM and SCT standards with the purpose of obtaining an operating capacity and to carry out the tests, essays or calibrations that are required for a specific study or work.


EPGC has dispositions to ensure that the personnel is free from any commercial, financial or other kind of  pressure that may adversely affect the results of their work. Any influence of a person or organizations of others on the results of the tests or field and laboratory tests will also be avoided. We do not make any commitment in activities that could put at risk the integrity and independence of judgment of the personnel that works in the company.


The organization and distribution of authority, as well as the responsibilities of field and laboratory personnel are defined in an internal organization manual. All staff is aware, both of the extent, and limitations of their area of ​​responsibility. The organic structure maintains the ability to perform satisfactorily its technical functions, since it has a quality control system for its work, which is clearly established in the internal organization manual and consisting of:

  • The quality inspection carried out by the performers of the tests, assays or calibrations during their lab work.
  • The quality verification performed by the control technicians of the work through the correct execution of the assays and field tests.
  • A quality validation directly dependent on the project manager or head of work control, with the purpose of validating the results obtained by the laboratory or field personnel, who execute the essays and testing.


We have enough staff to perform Geotechnical projects of any magnitude and / or Civil Works Quality Control fronts in any part of Mexico.


For a geotechnical study or a quality control work project, there is a project manager and / or work control head. They are responsible for administration, control and technical operation. This person has the capacity and technical experience to fully know all the aspects related to the essays, testing and interpretation of results, in order to generate the geotechnical studies and / or work reports in question.


Our field, laboratory and administrative personnel are subject to continuous training and preparation. This is taught by the company’s technical staff and / or by attending courses related to work activities.


Our work areas have the sufficient size to store, prepare and test soil and rock samples according to NMX, ASTM and SCT standards. The necessary energy and lighting sources that allows the correct execution of our work processes. For environmental conditions, we have artificial control mechanisms to provide a comfortable working environment, as well as access and use of each of the laboratory areas and offices, with adequate measures to ensure cleanliness and order within the facilities

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